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Week beginning 1.06.20

Money Investigation








Meet six children: Sarah, Jack, Kate, Anton, Ellie and Billy. They are shopping for new stationery and have each made a shopping list of what they need.

Stationery Lists




1 x notepad

1 x pencil case

5 x pens

3 x pencils

2 x rubbers

2 x pencil cases

4 x pens

1 x packet of crayons

3 x stickers

2 x pencil sharpeners

2 x highlighters

10 x notepads

5 x pencils

3 x packets of crayons

2 x pencil cases





3 x notepads

2 x highlighters

20 x pencils

3 x rubbers

2 x pencil sharpeners

3 x highlighters

2 x notepads

3 x pens

2 x pencils

3 x packets of crayons

2 x notepads

4 x stickers

10 x highlighters


Challenge 1: How much did each child pay for their stationery?

Challenge 2: What notes and coins did each child use to pay for their items?

Challenge 3: Place the children in order, from the child who spent the most, to the child who spent the least amount of money on their stationery.



  • Each child paid the exact amount of money.
  • When they paid, they used the least number of notes and coins possible.
  • Possible Notes: £20, £10, £5
  • Possible Coins £2, £1, 50p, 20p, 10p, 5p, 2p, 1p


Now check your answers- how did you do?