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How can I prepare my child for returning to school?

Teachers have been busy updating their class pages on our website here.  Please do take a look with your child/ children to see who their teacher will be and what their classroom will look like. Nursery and Reception parents please check Tapestry for updates.


What will be done to support my child to secure any missed learning?

On returning to school in September the first 2 weeks will focus on building relationships with staff and new children and supporting their transition back into school.  We will be assessing the core skills of all pupils as we go through the autumn term. Data will be carefully analysed and lessons planned to cover gaps in learning. Some of this teaching will be done with whole class, some with small groups and some on a 1:1 basis. Teachers are highly skilled at identifying needs and planning lessons and activities to meet them.


My child has special needs, will they still receive extra support?

Yes. Teachers, teaching assistants, in-school specialist staff and external professionals will all be deployed as normal to support children with SEND. If you have any concerns, please contact your child’s teacher or Mrs Venners, SENDCo or Miss Last (Assistant SENDCo/ Mental Health and Wellbeing Lead) by email. We have set up a dedicated email address for parents with SEND queries 


How will the teachers mark and feedback on children’s work?

  • Teachers will practice good hand hygiene; they will handle children’s books as little as possible.
  • Teachers will not take pupils’ books home.
  • Teachers will use “whole class marking” sheets to note misconceptions, gaps, individual needs, good examples - these notes will inform their planning and feedback to children.
  • Teachers will “live mark” work during the lesson - this may be in the form of verbal feedback or a post-it note to be stuck in a book.
  • If able to do so, pupils will mark their own work with teacher supervision.
  • Pupils will record corrections in different coloured pen.


How will my child be safely issued with reading books?

  • The library will remain closed.
  • Children will have access to reading books in their phases that can be taken home these will be issued by year group staff.
  • The covers of library/reading scheme/class books will be disinfected before they are given to the pupil. Returned books will be quarantined before reissuing.


Will my child be given learning to do at home?

  • In September homework will not be provided; we will review our homework policy in the autumn term.
  • Children will be encouraged to read at home; Times Tables Rock Stars will also be in operation.
  • Teachers will not be providing home learning activities over the summer.  You will still be able to access the home learning area on our website if you wish to continue using the resources from the spring/ summer terms.


Will children be swimming?

  • We are still waiting to hear from Suffolk’s School Swimming Service about deep water swimming in the autumn term for Years 5 and 6.