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Thursday 4.2.21

4.2.21 English

LO: I am learning to retell a traditional tale.


Today's English might take you a little longer than normal but please do it over today and tomorrow if you need more time smiley. Remember to use your best handwriting in your story book and to take your time remembering to use capital letters, full stops, your word mats you have created, include adjectives and different sentence starters and even illustrations throughout the book on the pages to go with your writing. 


Have fun creating your story books! smiley


Please show us your books when you have finished creating them 

Untitled_ Feb 3, 2021 2_57 PM (1) (1).mp4

Still image for this video


Still image for this video
Please practise division sums by answering the questions in this video. Use toys or pencils or dots on paper if you need to, to help your working out :)

4.2.21  Science

LO: I am learning to identify British birds.

Following on from last week’s birdwatch, today we are going to be learning to identify a variety of British birds using your observational skills looking closely at their physical characteristics (size, colour, beak shape, feathers, claws etc).

Using the internet and books as a research tool, identify the following birds. Draw the following birds and label their names along with the characteristics that helped you identify it.

Websites such as should be quite useful when identifying the birds.


4.2.21 Phonics (Year One)


Today we are recapping the sounds 'or', 'ur' and 'oo'.

This video talks all about the words and reviews previous sounds too. Please watch it to remind your child of all sounds we have learned so far :)

04.02.21 - Grammar (Year 2)
LO: I am learning to change words from singular to plural.
There is another rule that can help us change words from singular (one) to plural (more than one).
If a word ends in a f or fe then we need to take this off and add -ves.
So knife turns into knives.
Elf turns into elves.


Have a go at changing these words from singular to plural and try putting them in a sentence.


There are always words that don't fit into the rules! For example chiefs would just add an -s to be chiefs. If a word ends in ff we usually just add an -s.  So cliff would be cliffs.
For more information look here: