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Week One

Caterpillar Maths Investigation

Have you ever wondered how old a caterpillar is?


Well, look closely - would you be surprised to hear that the caterpillar's age is actually written on its head?!!! 

Here are the rules for our investigation for this week:

Caterpillars don't live beyond 100 years old!

A caterpillar's age is written on its head.

The body parts are made in the following way:

If the number is even, half it

If the number is odd, add one

The pattern continues until you reach 1.

A ten year old caterpillar has 6 body parts.


How old is the longest caterpillar you can find?


I wonder if you can find a shorter caterpillar than a ten year old?

So... what do you notice?

Does it matter which number you start with?

Are some digits better than others for growing longer caterpillars?

Does it make a difference if the caterpillar is an odd or even age?


*Remember to work logically

Looking forward to seeing your investigations - please email in your work.  Take a photo or post your findings on the dojo. 

How creative can you be with your recording?

How will you present your findings? 

What rules have you discovered?