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Week beginning 27.04.20

Perimeter Investigation


Patio Perimeters


Bob the Builder has to build a patio with a perimeter of 24 metres.

Make sketches of as many different patio designs he could use, making sure you label the length of each side.


1. Begin with all the rectangular patios that he could make.

The first option has been done for you-

7m + 7m + 5m + 5m = 24 metres


What would be the length of the longest sides possible in a rectangular patio?


2. Next, sketch other examples of irregular shaped patios that he could build. Here is one example….


7m + 4m + 2m +1m + 4m + 3m +1m +2m = 24m


A regular shape is a 2D shape where all (interior) angles and sides measure the same. 

An irregular shape is a shape which has sides and angles of any length and size.




  • Could he make a regular octagonal shaped patio? If so, what would the measurement of each side be?
  • Would it be possible to make a regular pentagonal shaped patio? How do you know this?
  • Could he make any other regular shaped patios? Make sketches, labeling the lengths of the sides.
  • What do you notice? Can you explain any patterns?