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Week beginning 30.03.20

Monday and Tuesday

Open up the PDF to have a look at the task for Monday and Tuesday. This taks should take you two days if you spend about 1 hour working on it each day. 


Things to remember;

- Use adjectives and adverbs to describe the characters and setting. 

- Use a wide range of vocabulary.

- If you use speech remember to use speech marks.

- Use a range of sentence lengths to make your work interesting and build suspense. 

- Check your punctuation and spelling once you have finished.


Diary entry

Your task for Wednesday is to write a diary entry for one of the children in this video - what did they see/do at the park? How do they feel? Did they have fun?

Thursday and Friday

For Thursday and Friday we would like you to learn how to do something new - preferably a chore around the house. This could be cooking a meal, loading the dishwasher, how to use the washing machine etc. 

Once you have learnt how to do this you will write out a set of instructions for it (example below) and the next time to do that things, test how good your instructions were by following them!