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Monday- 18.1.21

Phonics (year 1) - ar digraph


Hello Year 1- here is the link to Phonics for today, you new sound is 'ar'. Please watch the video by following this link;

When you have watched the video can you think of words that start with the sound ar- E.G. artist
Then, can you find words that end in ar- E.G far

Please write these down and send a list to your teacher :)

Grammar (Year 2)- verbs!

Still image for this video
18.1.21 English- comprehension
As we have completed a lot of writing over the past 2 weeks, today we are having a break from traditional tales and instead focusing on reading non fiction text and answering questions. Don't forget to scan the information to find the answers you are looking for.
Year 1- p40 and 41
Year 2- p36 and 37
Ps. If you find reading any of the text/questions tricky, your parents can read it to you and you can listen for the answers in the information you hear.

18.01.21 RE

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