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Spelling Test - Words based on organising our writing -1st March 2021

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This lesson, we are learning about the many types of adverbs. Remember, an adverb gives us more detail about the verb in a sentence. We may have first learned the adverbs that end in - ly  (such as quietly, quickly, cheerfully) but in this lesson, we are reminded that there are many other adverbs that do not end in - ly and that might describe when, where, how or why the verb is being/ has been done.

After watching the teaching video, your independent tasks from your workbooks are:

Year 5: pages 90 - 91

Year 6: pages 92 - 93



Teaching video- Adverbs

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For an extra challenge, see how you do in this adverbs quiz!

Spellings - Adverbs -1st March 2021

1.  cheerfully

2.  urgently

3.  roughly

4.  always

5.  everywhere

6.  anxiously

7.  patiently

8.  carelessly

9.  earlier

10.  frequently

11.  mischievously

12.  courageously