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3D Op Art

This will be our last Op Art project, so we are doing something rather special!

Today, I will be asking you to begin a final piece of Op Art, that will actually also be 3 dimensional!

We would usually spread this project over two lessons in school, so you will be able to begin work on these this week, to hopefully complete in our final lesson before half term. 

You can see from the examples above, that when these have been done previously by classes, the end results look amazing, so I am excited about seeing some equally incredible examples from Panthers!

You have the option of printing off the cube net template that I have included at the bottom of the page, or using an empty box and working on paper and sticking your designs onto each face. Interesting shaped boxes, such as a chocolate/ tissue/ cereal boxes all work well. 

If you use the printed cube net, complete your six different Op Art designs on each face, then be really careful when cutting out the net, ensuring you include the tabs to help you glue it together.

If you use an existing box, simply draw around each face onto plain white paper, complete your Op Art designs and then stick onto the box.

Both ways produce effective results!   

3D Op Art .mp4

Still image for this video