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Wednesday 3.2.21

English part 1

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English part 2

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3.2.21 Grammar

LO: I am learning to make nouns plural by adding the -s, -es or -ies suffix.


So far this week we have learnt how to add 3 different suffixes to nouns to make them plural (more than one).

These are:

-s to most nouns (cats, elephants, chairs)

-es to nouns ending in sh, ch, s, x or z (boxes, churches)

drop the y and add -ies to nouns that end consonant + y (lorries, ladies)


Today play the plural puzzler board game below with a partner. Either print it out, make your own or play along on the screen. You will need a dice and a counter/marker like a post it note on the screen to see who is in the lead. Land on a word, write the plural. If you are correct you get to stay. If you are incorrect, move back to where you were before.

First to finish wins.

Maths- Division

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LO: To solve one step problems involving division.

Success Criteria:
I understand that division is done by sharing out objects
I can recognise division sums are those that use the รท symbol
I can solve division sums

Maths Part 2

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Part 2- Division

03.02.21 RE - Ramadan

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Watch the video and do the activities.
As an extension activity listen to this story about Ramadan: