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Week beginning 4.05.20

Word Problems involving money.


Question 1

Tim has two packs of pop, each pack holds 24 cans.


        Sally has five smaller packs.

        Each of her packs holds six cans.



a)  How many more cans of pop does Tim have?

b)  If each of Tim’s packs cost £4.80, how much does he spend in total?

c)  How much does a single can of pop cost for Tim?

d)  If each of Sally’s packs cost £1.50, how much Sally spend in total?


Question 2

Here is some money:


 The money is shared between a group of 5 girls and 2 boys.   

Each girl receives £3.00



a)  How much money is there to share between the group?

b)  How much does each boy receive?

c)  How much more does a boy receive than a girl?

d)  If another girl and 2 more boys joined the group, how much more money would be needed in order for them to receive the same as the others?




Extension Challenge

Question 1

e) Who pays less for each can of their pop and how much less do they pay?

f) How many more packs would Sally have to buy to have the same number of cans as Tim? Explain using pictures/ diagrams how you worked this out.

Question 2

g) How much money would be needed for the group of 5 girls and 2 boys to receive £1 extra each?    Explain how you worked this out.