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Monday 08.02.21

Let it snow!
This is a message to anyone completing home schooling (that’s right, you!)

Teachers have uploaded work for tomorrow, the 8th Feb- maths, English, phonics and RE. However, we don’t often get the opportunity to enjoy the snow so your main focus today is to get outside and have some fun! Only once you are a soggy, frozen ice cube are you allowed to even think about division, writing a recount or completing phonics and RE.

Have the best time and send lots of pictures. Can’t wait to hear about your day.  

English 8.2.21

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LO: I am learning to write a recount.

Phonics- Year One. 08.02.21

Today we are recapping the sounds 'OW', O'I,' 'EAR'

Please watch the following video to help your child to remember how to read and write these sounds. Then, can they use them in an oral or a written sentence?

Maths 08.02

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Maths Part 1- 08.02.21
LO: To solve one step problems involving division.

Maths Part 2

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LO: To solve one step problems involving division.

08.02.21 RE

Have you ever been really proud of something you did that was hard?
Muslim children are proud when they fast for the first time. Sometimes parents reward them for trying and everyone encourages them. 

Ramadan is a time for fasting. As Ramadan comes to an end, family and friends start to get ready for Eid.

Take a look at how these children celebrate Eid:


This is the last session on compassion in Islam. So for your activity today we would like you to think about:
How do Muslims know Allah is compassionate?
How can Muslims show compassion?
Show us what you have learnt in this unit! You could think about the stories we have listened to or about Ramadan. Maybe draw how compassion is shown or write a paragraph. You could explain it to a grown-up or create a mind-map!