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Week Two

75th Anniversary of VE Day


This Friday is Friday 8th May - Exactly 75 years since Britain was celebrating Victory in Europe - the official end of World War Two in Europe.  

Watch this video:

Imagine that you were in the crowds celebrating in front of Buckingham Palace.

How would you have been feeling after six years of wartime?

Your task is to find out all you can about VE Day and the celebrations.

How did people celebrate around the country?

Where did they go? What did they eat?

What did people wear? What games were played?

Were there special songs sung at the street parties?

Hear the sounds of VE day:

You could prepare a street party food menu or write a diary extract from a children celebrating that day?

Are you having a stay at home VE Day celebration this Friday? ? 

Maybe have a go at making Bunting?

What tunes might be playing on the wireless?