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Spelling Test - Synonyms.mp4

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Spelling & Grammar - Root words and Prefixes

Root words - Teaching 1.mp4

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How did you do? (Words from given roots)

Prefixes - Teaching 2.mp4

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Spellings - Words with Prefixes

Please learn these words for our test next week!

1. invisible       (unable to be seen)
2. bicycle           (two wheeled cycle)
3. disappear       (go missing/ stop being visible)
4. unpleasant     (not pleasant/ disagreeable) 
5. impatient       (having no patience/ easily irritated)

6. inaudible       (unable to be heard)
7. invisible         (unable to be seen)
8. unlikely         (not likely to happen)
9. unreliable     (not able to be relied on)
10. disrespect    (lack of respect)