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Week beginning 13th July

Our Wonderfully Weird Natural World

Today I would like you to find out about anything that is truly weird in the world of nature!

Our world is amazing and wonderful, and fully of truly interesting, amazingly weird living things.

Your job today is to investigate and find out the weirdest facts that you can.

Record them in any way you would like to.


Did you know that butterflies taste with their back feet?

Did you know that painted turtles survive Winter by breathing through their bottoms?

Did you know that snails can sleep for three years?

Did you know that the ghost crab growls using teeth in its stomach?

Did you know that a grizzly bear's bite is strong enough to crush a bowling ball, or that an octopus has three hearts?




Our world is utterly fascinating and truly weird!  What is the weirdest fact in nature that you can discover?  I am really looking forward to finding out what you discover.