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Warm up with Bluey for this week's PE session



Join in with Club mascot, Bluey in his first P.E session! Whilst schools remain closed the Club will be producing a fitness series to keep young Blues active...

For this week's PE session, I would like you to design your own new game.

This is the equipment you can use for your game:

2 pairs of rolled up socks

1 bucket, bowl

 toilet roll tubes

I cardboard Box

I ball of string or wool

2 hardbacked books

Hand drawn paper targets (any design)

Your task is to design the rules of your game, and then play the game.

What is the name of your game?

What are the rules?

How can you win?

Well, I am off to play socky, socky  - Looking forward to finding out how you play your game!

(You don't have to use all of the equipment for your game!)

Please send in any videos or photos of your games - You could teach the other Panthers how to play.


How can you combine this equipment into one winning game?