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LKS2 (Years 3 and 4)

Welcome Penguins, Dolphins & Polar Bears!


Can you take on the challenge? 


Each week, we will set a Maths and English task plus 5 daily activities, linking to a theme. They may need you to make something, find out facts and answers or discuss lots of different topics. We hope you have fun exploring, investigating and trying something new.



Summer Term

Week 15 - 13/07/20

Weekly English task-

On Monday, your task is to make a memory box of all your favourite times in school and during home learning. For your English task, we would like you to write a diary entry of your favourite moment to put in your memory box. This should include what happened and how you felt about it at the time. This could include a diary entry of:

  • Your favourite moment during school or home learning
  • The funniest memory you have
  • A moment when you achieved something very difficult


Weekly Maths task- 

Below are three different challenge worksheets with lots of different questions. We would like you to try and complete these by yourself and without any adult help as we are going to use these to help us set your own personalised goal.

If you are unable to print it off, just write and number your answers on a piece of paper and send a picture to your teacher.


If you have any questions, don't be afraid to message your class teacher using class dojo or the new emails that have been set up.

A reminder of those emails: 

Home learning video activities

During the current situation, lots of people have developed their social media presence and have committed to making educational home learning videos. We have taken some of these and put them into a table below showing their times and a link of how to access them. They consist of videos involving PE, Science, English and more!



Here are a list of some of the videos (just click on the links)!


When? What? Where?
9am (Monday - Friday) Joe Wicks Morning PE sessions
9:45am (Monday - Friday) Writing with Jane Considine
10am (Monday - Friday) Dr Chip's Daily Dose of Science, Engineering & Computing
11am (Monday - Friday) Body Beats Body Percussion Online Lessons
11am (Monday - Friday) 'Let's Go Live' Science with Maddie Moate & Greg Foot
11am (Monday - Friday) David Walliams' Book Read
11:30am (Tuesday - Sunday) Facebook live - Kids-themed Dance classes
All of the time! Edinburgh Zoo Live