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Week beginning 13th July

Setting yourself goals for High School


Well what a strange final term for you at Primary School it has been!

 You will soon be leaving Ranelagh and moving on to new schools, to have new experiences and meet new people.

Now is a perfect time for you to think about ways that you can get the best from the new experiences High School will offer - To be your best self.

Can you think of goals to set yourself? - You will need to reflect on areas that you pinpoint for your own personal growth.

- For example:

I will always complete my homework before the set deadline.

I will try to raise my hand and answer when the teacher asks a question.

I will check my school bag the night before to ensure that I have the things I need.

What are the areas of your own personality and organisation which you would like to develop?

I will try to smile at new people before they smile at me.

I will try to stay positive and think about solutions rather than problems.

I will try to speak to one new person each day.


Write down or draw areas of growth for you personally and then place this somewhere so that you can see where you are aiming to be - How are you hoping to develop your personality?