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Week beginning 18.05.20

The Lorax - Read Aloud Picture Book | Brightly Storytime

Challenge 1:

Pick out all the made-up words from this story and made a glossary for them. 

Hint: a glossary is a bit like a dictionary, just smaller. It gives the definitions for words (tells you what they mean.)

e.g. Glumping (verbs): to dump something where it doesn't belong.


Challenge 2:

Write a letter to the Lorax, persuading them to come back to help grow truffula trees in Ipswich.


Dear Lorax,


  • Introduction: State your reason for wanting the Lorax to return.  Describe who you are and why you are writing to the Lorax. What is the one main focus of your letter? 


  • Body: State your case here. Include facts, references, or research here to establish credibility and explain how you and your family/school/community are helping to make a more sustainable future.


  • Conclusion: Include a call to action. Ask the Lorax to return and tell him the actions you have taken and how your family/school/community takes action too. Also explain why you want the Lorax to return.


  • Final Line: End with a strong, positive statement in support of your case.







(Your signature)


(Your name)



Extra challenge:

Have a go at making your own Truffula trees out of pom poms!




Create a comic strip about what you would do with the last Tuffula tree seed,