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Spelling Test - Fronted adverbials 1.2.21.mp4

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Spelling and Grammar - Words with suffixes

This week, we will be continuing on from our previous work on root words and prefixes.

Today we will be learning more about suffixes (remember, these are a letter, or a group of letters that are added to the end of a word and change the word's meaning.)

After the video, please complete these pages from your workbooks:

Year 5: Pages 16,17    Additional pages -  18 -19

Year 6: Pages 14,15   Additional pages- 16-17

For an additional challenge today, please also complete the additional pages, which will really test you, as they combine your knowledge of prefixes, root words and suffixes all together! 

Suffixes- Teaching 1.mp4

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Suffixes- Teaching 2.mp4

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Spellings to learn for next week