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KS1 (Years 1 and 2)

   Welcome Woodpeckers, Kingfishers and Puffins

Year 1/2 Home Learning Expectations


Each day, learning will be uploaded onto Class Dojo as well as on the school website below.

Children, Home Learning, KS1 (Years 1/2)


Expectations for each day;

  • 1x Maths lesson (some lessons will be directed to the maths workbooks)
  • 1x English lesson (starters will often be directed to the English workbooks)
  • 1x Phonics lesson (for year 1s)
  • 1x Grammar lesson (for year 2s)
  • Afternoon foundation subject/s e.g. Science.
  • Additional activities:
  • 15 minutes of Reading each day (these could be online texts or books you have at home).
  • TTRockstars


Work can be sent on Class Dojo or email as either a photograph, video or typed (please see class emails below);





If your child is finding any of the tasks set difficult, please contact your teacher through the class email address (see above). They will then organise a Google Meet to talk through the learning with your child.

We are more than happy to offer tailored support according to your child's needs.

For SEN support -

For EAL support -