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Week beginning 22nd June

Riddling Scavenger Hunt

What better way to relax than to get scavenging?

Why not compete against your siblings to solve the clues and scavenge the items?

Or, set yourself a time target and collect all of the items within that time.

Did you manage to get all of the items correct? See doc. below for the answers.

Once you have solved the clues and found all of the items, it is your turn to write your own scavenger hunt.

You can make the clues simple, rhyming or written in riddle form. It's entirely up to you. Maybe an item for each letter of the alphabet?

Send in your Scavenger Hunt and we can tweet it for others to follow and have fun solving.

Good luck solving the clues!

1. The more I dry, the wetter I become.

2. I'm bigger than a bee, I'm bigger than a flea - You can unlock the door with me!

3. If you find me on the ground with my head up, you'll have good luck.

4. I smash scissors and paper covers me.

5. If you step out of the bathroom and people laugh at you, you probably have this stuck to your shoe!

6. If an adventure is what you want, take a look.  I'm a ...........

7. I blow in the wind and drop in the fall.

8. If you skin your knee and feel bad, stick me on and you'll be glad.

9. Fill me up all the way, but be sure to take me out or I'll stink the next day.

10. Cows swallow this blade, but it's not sharp or metal.

11. I'm on your left and on your right. Hopefully not too tight.

12. I make marks wherever I go, I shrink as your ideas grow.

13. I'm by the sink, I'm not a drink, use me and I make your hands not stink.

14. When I am filled I can point the way. I  am happiest with my identical partner keeping you warm.



No peeping until after the hunt!!! I will know!

What about a scavenge in the park afterwards?