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Weekly Challenges

Fabulous teamwork, Year 5 smashed it!


YEAR 5 - 3 battles won          YEAR 6 - 2 battles won

A fantastic result and Year 5 are the Upper KS2 overall winners!

Once again, Year 5 really did themselves proud during last week's battle and secured a very convincing final win against the Year 6!

Well done to all of you who contributed to this amazing score!

Special mention goes to Jayden (6,075) Yuvan (4,687) and Vicky (3,396) who all notched up superb scores through the day!







Miss Motion and Mrs Stewart will again be awarding Dojo points to all those who joined in, plus certificates, so please check your emails for these.


As always, please email us if you need a reminder of your login details. 


White Rose Maths

If you enjoy a lesson structure similar to what we do in our classroom, you might enjoy trying one of the home learning lessons by White Rose Maths. They include a video lesson, followed by a challenge for you to complete.

Puzzles & Problem Solving Challenges

Try picking one of these to do each day!