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Week Two

Talking with our loved ones has never been more important than now.

Use the conversation openers to spend time talking with your family.

Maybe phone a friend or someone you haven't seen for a while and ask them if they would rather have chicken wings for arms or the head of a cat???

It doesn't really matter what you talk about, but more that you just stay in contact.


Conversation Openers - Talking is good therapy!

Now that you have had a good talk you need to have a little peace and quiet to collect your thoughts.

As you know, I love a doodle!

Take time out to create a doodle masterpiece. 

I would like you to theme your doodle with a thank you to all of the key workers who are working so hard at the moment...Postal workers, the NHS, delivery drivers...

Maybe you could put the doodle in your window?

Of course you can doodle about anything at all, the important thing is that you take the time to relax and de-stress.

Here is my favourite relaxing piece of music: