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Week beginning 8th June

Create your own game

Today I am asking you to create your own PE game to be used with a Ranelagh class.

I suggest that you have only up to four types of equipment to use, for example:

1 rugby ball


1 tennis ball

4 hoops

You can, of course, use any or all of this equipment.

Please try to think of a game using equipment you have at home, even if it is just one tennis ball.

Can you create a new game using this equipment?

What are the rules?

What is the name of your game?

Can you draw what the game would look like set up?  

How do you set up the equipment?

Scoring - How do you win?

Once you have planned and created your game, your next job is to teach a family member how to play the game and play it?

Does it work?  Is it fun?

Send in your games so that other Jaguars get a chance to play.

I have attached a link to a game using one tennis ball to show you that you don't need lots of equipment!

Remember that you can also be doing your daily mile today and every day.