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Tuesday- 19.1.21

19.1.21 English- oral storytelling


Oral storytelling and traditional tales have been passed from generation to generation long before ever being written in books. 
Watch this storyteller tell the story of The Magic Paintbrush:
What makes a good storyteller? What do they do to help make it fun or exciting? Write your ideas down or share them with an adult at home.
For today's English home learning, I would like you to tell your favourite story or listen to an adult tell a story. This story could be from anywhere around the world or a really familiar tale like the three little pigs or the gingerbread man.  You could film yourself listening or telling a story or afterwards, you could make character puppets, draw pictures of the story including key vocabulary or write about what happened in the story.

19.1.21 Grammar (year 2)-


Go for a verb hunt around the house. When you find a piece of paper, act out the verb e.g wake.
Afterwards, can you find all the verbs in the word search below?

19.01.21 Geography

Still image for this video
Today we are recapping our learning about the UK and choosing a country to research.
Take a look at these:
UK song:
UK video: