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Week One

Teach yourself British Sign Language

So now seems like the perfect time to start learning a new skill.

This week we are challenging you to learn British Sign Language.


Click the link below:




Natasha and Kelly-Ann are posting weekly videos to support us all in learning sign language.  The first posting is about general greetings.  So I challenge you to learn some general greetings and practise these on your family.  Teach the rest of your family these greetings and how to respond.


Then can you teach yourself the BSL alphabet? 

How fast can you sign the alphabet?

I am also including links to the next lessons by Natasha and Kelly-Ann as I know that you will want to learn more once you start.

There are lessons on food and animals, colours and clothing.


Remember to email us your videos or post them on the Dojo.

I know that not everyone has time to watch videos so if you can't watch the videos, could you teach yourself the alphabet and have a go at signing out some words in letters?