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Extra Support

A message for parents and carers


If your child finds learning difficult, you can support them by breaking down activities into small chunks.  Give simple instructions one at a time.  Structuring the day may be tricky so ways of helping your child might be by doing:


  • A bit of reading every day
  • Some independent writing now and then (this could be keeping a diary, making a comic strip, writing about something that they are interested in)
  • Practical, hand on maths (cooking, making a paper clock, hopscotch counting, pizza fractions)
  • Some fine motor skills work (building with Lego, cutting, threading, playdough)
  • Physical exercise everyday
  • Some art or music every so often
  • Opportunities for free, imaginative play


If a learning activity is not going well, step back and take a break.  Try again another time.