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Writing instructions


Learning objective: I am learning to write a set of instructions. 


Recently at school we have been very busy writing instructions on how to bake biscuits.

To write the perfect instructions we had to make sure we:

give our instructions a title e.g. How to make oat biscuits.

wrote a list of things you would need

started each sentence with a time connective like First, Next, Then, Once, After, Finally

wrote clear sentences that were commands. The sentences told you what to do!

Always used our fabulous five (capital letter, phonics and word mats to spell, finger spaces, full stops and reread your sentence to make sure it makes sense)

Draw pictures to go with each instruction


Extension: use adverbs to explain how to do the instruction e.g. carefully pour, quickly stir, gently put 

Adverbs could include: gently, slowly, carefully, quickly, safely, entirely 

If you find writing whole sentences a challenge, your grown up can always write the start of your sentence for you to finish or write your sentence and you can fill in the missing words.


Today for English, I would like you to write a set of instructions. This could be for how to make a type of food, how to do household jobs like washing up or folding clothes or how to make a paper aeroplane!


Below is an example of a set of instructions and some resources you could use to ensure your instructions are clear and well written.

We look forward to reading your instructions.