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Week beginning 04.05.20

The mysterious box


Imagine your teacher asked you to stay behind at break, they ushered all the other students out and closed the door. Then they walked over to their desk and opened a draw. Inside the draw was this box. They told you that you are the only person they can trust with this, not to tell anyone about it and, most importantly, not to open the box under any circumstances. They tell you to take it home that evening and keep it there until they ask you to bring it back into school. 

The next day comes, you get ready for school, check the box is still where you hid it safely out of sight and head off. When you get into school you feel something is not right, you walk into your classroom and your teacher is not there. Instead Mrs. Dunn is covering the class. You sit in your seat as normal and get on with your work. Your best friend comes in and sits next to you. 

"Where is miss?" they say quietly.

"I don't know" you shrug in reply. 

The day goes as on as normal but as you are walking out at the end of the day you see lots of cars with the crest of the Royal family on the side parked outside the school with people in fancy clothes sat inside. One of them, a short woman with her hair tied back is questioning Mrs. Ling. As you walk past you catch a snippet of the conversation.

"We know it was here. We know she had it at school, you need to tell is now or else there will be trouble," she is saying, quietly. You can tell she is angry and frustrated. You know, deep down, she is talking about the box. 

You hurry home, run to your bedroom, close the door and quietly get out the box. You hesitate before you unclasp it. Miss specifically said not to open it. But she wasn't at school. What if she's in trouble? What if you are the only one who can help her. What if the people in those strange cars have her already? You click the lock and open the lid...


What happens next? 

Continue writing the story. For help with writing stories have a look at the creative writing page from Easter:

Extra challenge


After writing your story have a go at making a news clip about the story. For inspiration have a look at BBC Newsround. Think about the language they are using and what they are doing. Try recording this on a phone to watch it back and improve your work.