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Week Four - 19.05

Space - The Solar System

I know that many of you are fascinated by space so I thought that I would set a solar system task for today.

Do you know what an impact crater is?

How can you weigh a planet?

What is the weather like on other planets?

Can you name the planets in our solar system?

How long is one day on another planet?

Using the NASA website link above, become an expert on our solar system.

Set yourself some questions to find the answers to, then maybe have a go at one of the activities?

I am now an expert on space volcanoes! 

Poster, fact file, PowerPoint, model... the choice is yours.

BBC Bitesize may also help you solve the questions you set yourself.

Click the hubble telescope link at the top of the page to see what the hubble telescope photographed on your birthday.

This is the beautiful image from my birthday.  Thank you for the link Elliott.