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Week beginning 6th July

Animating your drawings

Today I am asking you to have a go at one of the simplest ways to create movement and animate your drawings -

You will only need two sheets of paper and some pencils.

Focus on the placement of objects within your two drawings - Being exact is key. 

You will need to use the same colours and keep everything the same within your drawing whilst only changing some of the key elements - position of the arms or facial expression for example.

Start by trying to animate a chicken and then use your imagination to create your own animations.

Paper Chicken Animation

how to draw animation-the world's easiest hand drawn .mp4

Animation simple and easy. Draw with marker on folded paper. Draw and animate your own cartoons.Step by step tutorial. Easier than a flip book. draw animated...

Elliott's animation

Still image for this video

Takiyah's Animation

Still image for this video