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Guided reading

We've stuck to our Viking theme to end off the half term in guided reading today. Follow the link to find the book to read. You will only need to read pages 13-21 to answer the questions below. 

The first five questions should be able to be completed independently and the last few questions may need help from somebody else.


How to be a Viking by Cressida Cowell


  1. What season is the story set in?
  2. What was the name of the tribe the boys come from?
  3. What were they using to get across the ice?
  4. Who is going to be the hero of the story?
  5. What were the boys learning to do?
  6. Using what you know about Vikings, why do you think it was important for them to learn to travel, even in harsh weather?

  7. 'Hiccup is, in fact, the hero of this story…’

    How do you think Hiccup will be the hero and
    what do you predict he will do that is heroic?



Epic Reading app

If you complete these and want more resources for reading, you can access a free library of books at this website. You will just need to put in your class code that your teacher will have given you or put onto class dojos. This website is only free during school hours (roughly between 9 and 3).

Epic reading app


You can also quiz on some of these books on Accelerated Reader. The children will know their log ins and how to do this. The website for Accelerated reader is:

Accelerated Reader website