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Week beginning 8th June

Newsround Reporter - Plastic in our Oceans

For this weeks English task I would like you to become a Newsround reporter.

Firstly, you need to watch the current Newsround programme.

Think about the types of language that the reporters use -

Are they persuasive, are they impartial, how do they make the story interesting and accessible for all?

Then I would like you to prepare a Newsround report on 'World's Oceans Day'.

Check out the information on the Newsround website - the issues of melting icecaps and plastic pollution feature heavily.

You will need to prepare your news report before you deliver it.

Some ideas for planning are attached below. 

Plan and film your report (if you can). Alternatively create an article to go on the Newsround website or in the local paper. 

Plan your report and present it to your family - How well does your report/article flow?  Does it make sense?  Do you need to re-draft your piece?


C. reporting

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