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Week starting 13th July

Elbow greetings!     

If two people meet up and greet each other with an elbow bump they would need one elbow bump to say hello.

two people greeting = 1 elbow bump

Imagine 3 friends meet up after lockdown and greet each other with a elbow bump.

How many elbow bumps would that be in total for everyone to bump everyone else? 

Remember that two people elbow bumping is equivalent to one greeting.

How many elbow bumps would a group of five friend make altogether?

Can you work out each of the totals from 2 - 10 friends?

What patterns can you see in the total of elbow bumps?

Can you work out a formula for working out how many elbow bumps any amount of friends will make?

Is it easier if the amount of friends is odd or even?

At our leavers' picnic on Thursday we are hoping to see 29 Jaguars.

Can you use your formula to see how many elbow bumps 29 Jaguars will make to say hello to everyone?

two friends 1 elbow bump
three friends     3 elbow bumps
four friends