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03.03.2021 Phonics (year 1)


CVCC words follow the letter sequence Consonant-Vowel-Consonant-Consonant. 

CVCC words include: ‘p-i-n-k', 'm-u-s-t' and 'h-e-l-p'. However each of the 4 sounds don't have to be made by just one letter, they can also be digraphs and trigraphs. For example, 'b-e-n-ch'


Recap your phase 3 digraphs and trigraphs as these will be used in the words for today's phonics lesson:


Today can you solve the 5 mystery words below. All the sounds are muddled up in the wrong order!

Put the sounds in the correct order to make the word and then apply this word into a sentence. 


 ch       m          p          i


e           s          ll         sh


i            th         n         k


t            p          n         ai


i           s          ng           r



03.03.21 Maths


LO: I am learning to shade fractions of shapes.

Today we are going to apply our learning of ½ and ¼ by shading fractions of shapes.


Starter- recap yesterday's learning by finding the answers to the following. Share dots between 2 parts to find half 1/2 and 4 parts to find quarter 1/4


1/2 of 6 =


1/4 of 8 =


1/2 of 10 =


1/4 of 12 =

03.03.21 Grammar (Year 2)

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For our last session on compound words I'd like you to be very creative and make up your own!

03.03.21 English and DT

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Biscuit recipes to choose from:
1) (20-30 biscuits)
2) (around 4 biscuits)
3) - This recipe is good for making vegan biscuits or for making biscuits with limited ingredients (flour/caster sugar/margarine)