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Week beginning 08.06.20

Sifaka Lemurs Make A Treacherous Journey For Food | BBC Earth

Sifaka lemurs in Madagascar have to make a perilous journey with babies on board to reach their next feeding area.

Sifakas are lemurs – they get their name from their unique call that echoes throughout the Madagascan forests, which sounds like they are saying ‘shif-auk’. Sifakas spend most of their time in the trees, leaping quickly from branch to branch. Using their powerful hind legs to jump, they can clear distances of over 9 metres.

In this clip, we will see some Sifakas jump across sharp limestone shards to reach fresh vegetation.


English task:

Imagine you are a newspaper reporter. You have just witnessed the incredible efforts of the sifaka and her child jumping across the sharp limestone.

Write a newspaper article about the sifika’s journey. Remember to include…

  • An attention-grabbing headline
  • An introduction to why you are writing this article
  • Details explaining the events that unfolded
  • An interview with the sifaka about how she felt, and why she took such a risky journey


It is a good idea to plan your report before writing it - a planning template can be found below. There is also a useful video about newspaper report writing. 

How to write reports with BBC Sport | English - Facts about Non-Fiction

Extra challenge:


Try making a video report about the sifakas or if you don't have access to a video present it to someone who you live with.