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Throughout this term we are going to be focusing on developing our flexibility, strength, technique, control and balance.


Every week, we will focus on a few activities that will help us with improving one of these skills as well as doing some sort of activity to get us moving and being more active.


Activity 1 - Balance time


This gymnastics activity shows you activities for building your own balances. This will not only help the  development of your balance but your control and strength also. Have an explore of the different balances you can do and show your teachers your favourite.



Balance Time

Activity 2 - Active video


This is your time to do something to get you moving for a long period of time. Like last week, you could follow Joe Wicks workout, take part in a cosmic yoga or do the workout session below. Let us know your favourite thing to do!

Have a Blast With This Family Fun Cardio Workout!

Activity 3 - 60 second challenge


Below are attached some extra activities that you can do to try and challenge yourself to beating your school. The equipment is kept to a minimum but you will need to time yourself to 60 seconds each time. Let your teachers know what score you got on each activity!