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Friday 26.02.21

Computing 26.02

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LO: To identify that there are patterns in music.

I can create a rhythm pattern.

I can play an instrument following a rhythm pattern.

I can explain that music is created and played by humans.

26.2.21 Music

Starter: Watch first 5 minutes of Beethoven 9 - Chicago Symphony Orchestra

Discuss what you can hear, talk about the different types of sounds (loud, quiet, long, short, high, low) and discuss how the music made you feel. 

In today's lesson, we will learn and practice how to hear high pitch sounds, middle pitch sounds and low pitch sounds, and you'll definitely be able to describe what pitch is.

Pitch is how high or how low a note is in a piece of music.

Watch video up to 5.30 mins and stop video once you have completed the Do, Re, Mi activity.

Can you explain what pitch means and write a definition?

26.2.21 PE


Today enjoy some cosmic yoga after a very busy week of online learning.

26.02.21 DT

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