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Week beginning 6th July

Catch It

Watch the short film 'Catch It'. 

What questions might you be asked in a comprehension?

e.g. - How do the meerkats feel about the fruit?

Write five words to describe the environment/landscape?

Activities - Choose one for each day this week

* Draw a cartoon of the story - include speech bubbles

* Where do meerkats live in the wild? Research and create a fact file/report on meerkats and their environment.

* Write dialogue for the discussions that the meerkats are having throughout the film.

* Write an internal monologue for the vulture - What is he saying to himself and thinking at various point of the film? How does this change?

* The name for a collection of meerkats is a mob. Can you find out about some of the more unusual nouns for collections of animals? Two I found are 'a parade of elephants' and 'a cackle of hyenas'.  Can you creative your own collective nouns for your favourite animals?

* Write the story from the perspective of one of the meerkats.

* The meerkats had to work together as a team.  When have you ever had to work together as a team to achieve something?



Catch It - ESMA 2015

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