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Wonder - Naughty Boy ft Emeli Sandè

Task 1

Listen to the song, paying careful attention to the lyrics. Then, answer the following questions.


- The line ‘We are full of wonder’ keeps repeating throughout the song. What do you think this means?

- Read the lyrics of the song. What do you think the message of the song is?


- Do you like the song 'Wonder'? Why?


- Have a go at rewriting the first 4 lines of the song with your own positive thoughts. 

Original lyrics

I can beat the night, I'm not afraid of thunder
I am full of light, I am full of wonder

Whoa, oh I ain't falling under
Whoa, oh I am full of wonder


My example

I can reach my goals, I won't give up, no never.
I am positive, I will think like this forever

Whoa, oh I will try whatever.
Whoa, oh I'll also help whoever.



Task 2

Can you record yourself either;

-Performing a part of the original song (speaking or singing).

-Performing the lyrics you have written in Task 1 (speaking or singing).



I hope you have enjoyed today's song!