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Challenge Yourself!

I know that some of you have been keeping fit in the time that we have been away from school. A jog around the garden, a cycle around the block or a run in Chantry park with your family group is a great way to stay fit.

Our challenge for you today (and hopefully forming future habits), is to complete the daily mile.

Run, jog, skip or walk for a least a mile - Could you plan your route beforehand?  

How will you know when you have completed at least a mile?

If you don't fancy that today, or you would like an additional challenge, can you exercise to spell out your name?

Maybe create your own exercises to go with each letter?

Who is exercising daily with Joe Wicks? (see vid. below)

- Please send in any photos or videos of you keeping fit.

Spell out your name in exercises - Who has the most demanding full name to exercise to?

PE With Joe 2021 | Wednesday 27th Jan