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Fitness Friday

Week beginning 14.7.20

Fitness Friday – Tokyo Ten


This year was supposed to be the Tokyo Olympics but it’s now going to be in 2021.



Tokyo Ten activities provide simple ways to get active with family. All you need is ten minutes and simple equipment, and you will find discover new, simple ways to get moving.


Can you try Random routines?


Watch the How to video here…


Now get playing with your family!

Week beginning 6.7.20

Fitness Friday – Try your Best Challenge

For this week’s challenge, we would like you to have a go at mastering a new active skill by practising it every day for five minutes. This challenge is based on resilience and always trying your best. TV presenter Gabby Logan is here to tell you how to get involved…


To tell you how to get started, Gabby Logan is here…

Your new active skill could be anything from learning to juggle, throwing a ball into a basketball net backwards, skipping - whatever interests you!

When learning your new skill, make sure you have a safe area that you can practise in.

Whatever you choose, why not show us how you progress by filming yourself on Day 1 and Day 7 to demonstrate what you’ve achieved throughout the week. Even a small amount of practise each day can make a big difference. Remember to maintain a positive attitude and keep going, even if you don’t succeed at first.

                                                 Week beginning 29.6.20

Super Movers Super Celebration Challenge

This week, we’d like you to join in the celebrations for the Premier League season that restarted on 17 June! Celebrate by creating a special ‘Super Move’ for this week’s challenge.

To tell you how to get started, Super Movers stars and dance duo HomeBros are here to introduce our challenge:

Play Video

Your Super Move can be anything from one movement, to a whole sequence - you might even want to use props or costumes to make your Super Move stand out!

Need some inspiration for your celebration? Check out the What's your Super Move? film


We can’t wait to see the moves you create this week!

Week beginning 22.6.20

Fitness Friday

‘What’s your name?’

Spell out your full name and complete the activity listed for each letter. For a greater challenge include your middle name and do each one twice. Or for variety use your favourite book characters’ name!



Have fun.


Happy exercising!




Week beginning 15.6.20

Fitness Friday

Become a PE Teacher

I’m sure you are all missing PE so today is your chance to create your own lesson!


Have a go at the following workout…


Now plan your own fitness activity. Write down a list of exercises and tasks, test them out and then ask an adult to film you doing your own workout.


You could be the next Joe Wickes!


Have fun.


Happy exercising!




Week beginning 8.6.20

Fitness Friday

Could you do with a bit of help with the household chores whilst keeping fit? This agility and throwing activity will support some of the fundamental movement skills you need to develop, whilst you also help with the laundry!



Happy exercising!

Week beginning 1.6.20

Daily Challenge

Fitness Friday

Today, your task is activity Bingo. Choose 6 and cross them off to get bingo when you’re done!


Week beginning 19.5.20

Fitness Friday

Today, your task is to plan a 1 mile route either in your garden or local area where you can run, jog, walk, skip, jump etc. Try to plan the route and activities beforehand. If you can, try to encourage your whole household to do it with you.


Happy exercising!

                                           Week beginning 11.5.20

Fitness Friday - Cube Challenge

For this activity you will need a piece of paper, some sellotape or prit stick and some pens.


Copy the net of the fitness cube (on the pdf below) and draw your own images to match the activity. 


Once you've finished, make your cube and roll it to see which fitness activities you will do! 


Happy Exercising! 

Week beginning 4.5.20

Fitness Friday

Yoga is a really good way to develop your flexibility, strength, coordination, and body awareness. In addition, it can help your concentration and sense of calmness.

Try out some of the moves and have a go at deep breathing at the same time.

Use these cards as inspiration or perhaps you could make up some of your own moves. Why not send them to us to see?

Week beginning 27.04.20

Have you seen PE with Joe Wicks?

Watch this video…

Now try some 5 minute moves of your own.

Use these cards as inspiration or perhaps you could make up some of your own moves. Why not send them to us to see?

Happy Exercising!